Which training is best?

Hvilken træning er bedst?
What is the best form of training?

It is a question many would like an answer to, often asked from the perspective that the training you do , would like to be as efficient as possible. And it's basically a pretty simple answer.

Namely: The training you think is fun to do.

Regardless of the level, consistency in the long run to of, if not the most important factor, to be successful with one's training.

If your goal is to create a simple habit, to be physically active a a few times a week, or whether it's doing an ironman, a certain amount of consistency is needed. Of course, some willpower is also required, on the days when the profits are the least and the desire is not - anything else would be unrealistic.

But there is a limit to how long you can drive on clean willpower and the easiest way to counteract it is to do something you think is fun.

So try a lot of things and find out what YOU think is fun!💪🏼

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