In collaboration with some of Denmark's and Europe's biggest fitness personalities and companies.


Bangsgaard x NA

In connection with Kristoffer Bangsgaard having to compete at the international championships in England, after his great performance at ODC for DFNA, we developed a close-fitting t-shirt, which we released when we met him at the airport on our joint trip to the competition. If you want to see more about how it went, everything is available on our YouTube channel.

Cap x Bangsgaard

On our joint trip to the UK, we came up with the idea to develop a product together with Kristoffer. He really likes caps, especially a "dad hat" inspired cap. Therefore, in 2022 we published a cap in collaboration with Kristoffer.


In December 2022, we published in collaboration with MortenNP, one of Denmark's biggest fitness personalities. The design is made on our classic Oversized T-shirt, Morten has chosen the color himself and we have jointly developed the design.


We have collaborated with AJ Morris with his brand Natural Bodybuilding Worldwide. NBW is the biggest brand in training without the use of performance-enhancing agents in Europe. The T-shirt is our classic Oversized T-shirt with his logo printed on the back. Maybe we have more things in the pipeline in collaboration with AJ.

Butcher's x NA

Butcher's Lab is a crossfit box in the heart of Copenhagen, specifically the meat city. The box was Denmark's first Crossfit Box and today the largest in Denmark, where several internationally recognized athletes train every day. The T-shirt was released on 15/12-2023, at our pop-up in the Box!

Daniel Risgaard x NA

Daniel Risgaard is behind one of the country's best and strongest fitness brands. In collaboration with him, we have created a Long Sleeve that radiates Daniel Risgaard, regardless of whether you meet him in the gym, at a meeting or at a wedding – he always wears his characteristic Long Sleeve.