A hard working computer mouse

En hårdtarbejdende computermus
As a hard-working computer mouse, you spend a lot of time sitting on your now very flat… surface. And although the workplace may have invested in some probably expensive ergonomic chairs, 6+ hours hunched over like the beast from Beauty and the Beast is not something a practical backrest helps a lot.

But how do we work with that problem?

You could consider finding some quirky exercises that you can do half-assedly in the corner of the open office landscape, or you can do there by father the easiest thing is to get up and go. You don't need to do more.

And this is not a sermon for the objectively overrated 10,000 steps a day, but more of a call to be mindful of getting some regular movement during the day.

So up with you.
Yeah, right now.
You're still sitting on the internet, so off with you.

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