When you become vulnerable in a podcast!

Når man bliver sårbar i en podcast!

In episode 3 of our podcast about DFNA, we got under the skin of Julie Zintel. Julie is a first-time athlete for DFNA, which means she has never been on a stage before.

We all prepare our podcast, which consists of background checking everything we can through social media. After that, we prepare around 20 questions per episode, so we always have something to talk about. We do this because we e.g. this season features people that we only meet when we have to record the podcast. As it is the first time, there are some people who find it easier to open up than others, despite the fact that the camera is rolling.

There was quick good chemistry between Julie and NA, which made her feel safe and "dare" to open up about her past abuse. In the episode, we talk about how DFNA helped put an end to exactly this. These episodes are absolutely fantastic to record, but also incredibly hard for us as it is the first time you meet the person, and at the same time they give so much of themselves.

Everyone from the NA team would like to say a big thank you to Julie for feeling comfortable enough to open up and give her story. If you haven't heard the episode, you can find it on YouTube at the first link and Spotify at link number 2.



We are listening!

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