Why is natural training so important to us?

Hvorfor er naturlig træning så vigtigt for os?
Why is natural training so important to us?

Back in the gloomy 2020 lockdown times when Anton and I (Oliver) got the idea for Natural Athlete, training was completely overriding what we were doing.

We both had the same outlook on the use of steroids; that it is a personal choice to take it, but if it is a means to compete, then you have to be honest about using it.

We both had plans to compete then, and although natural bodybuilding has always been parallel to "assisted bodybuilding", it is much less widespread.

So for us the idea was to show how far you can go without help ( performance-enhancing funds), but instead hard work and prioritization, a great motivation to create a community in Denmark. A community of people with the same values ​​as us.

We are quietly building that community right now. And although the dream of competing has been put on the shelf, we are still the main sponsor and fully involved in the planning of Denmark's biggest bodybuilding show; Open Danish Championships, which is also a 100% natural show💪🏼

Read more about the competition here:

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