The thoughts behind the DFNA x Natural Athlete podcast!

Tankerne bag DFNA x Naturlig Atlet podcast!

When all athletes were 6 weeks out from DFNA, the first episode of our new podcast format was released. Our vision was that owner and president Daniel Risgaard should be in the first episode. In the subsequent sections, the plan was for us to talk to 11 very different athletes who were either going to DFNA or had previously applied for DFNA.

From the beginning, the starting point for the podcast was that everyone has something on their mind, regardless of whether they have never competed before, competed once, are professionals or are going to the WC. We wanted to tell both people who are thinking about competing, or who have no desire to do so, what a competition prep is like.

In addition, we want i.a. to tell about the athletes' most difficult periods and their decision to stand up, which might give others the desire to stand up or give an image of how demanding it is.

The first 6 episodes are already released and the last 6 are already in the box office, so if you haven't heard them yet, I think you should go on YouTube, Spotify or iTunes and listen to them.

We are listening!

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